Protect Your Child From Harm At Any Point In The Future

As new diseases are sprouting and infesting more and more of the population, healthcare and preventive measures are one on high demand. Seeing as newborn babies and even children are vulnerable to some of these states, it is important for you to assume a defensive stance to these conditions and provide the necessary protection, in case they would occur.

Cord blood is extremely valuable

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To have a reserve that could change your child’s life, there is a certain procedure you may need to go through, which occurs only at the child’s birth. Once your child is born, to complete the birth process, the umbilical cord needs to be severed. It will usually be disposed of, as medical waste, but if you wished, the blood located inside of it could be collected and safely stored, in case you may need it some time in the future. The decision regarding the collection is completely yours to make, so you can either choose to do it, or opt out not to.

There didn’t seem to be many transplants

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The process of cord blood banking does have a fee attached to it, but the chances you may need to use it again in the future. The stem cells inside of the blood can help children battling with cancer to make a smooth transition through chemotherapy. Other diseases that can be mitigated with the use of these stem cells are known to be outstandingly hard to overcome. These are leukemia, lymphoma, anemia  and many other cell damaging states. Even though these are all realistic dangers, so far, there have been only 6,000 cases of cord blood transplant archived.