How Cataract Surgery Has Changed With Time

You may have come across many eye clinics that provide cataract surgery; however, before you opt for the surgery, it is necessary to understand all the aspects that are related to it. Eye changes are inevitable with age and they can affect the vision adversely. A cataract is one of the most common problems that is faced by aged people in Devon.

A clouding happens in the natural lens with time and as the lens gets cloudier, the vision becomes hazier. There are cases when a cataract is not removed by the surgery which leads to complete vision loss. Cataract surgery around Devon is provided by some of the expert surgeons, it is necessary to get it removed to maintain clear eyesight.

How the new technique is different?

The old technique that was followed to do the cataract surgery included removal of the lens in a single piece by doing a large incision in the cornea. The surgery was delayed till the time the cataract ripened as this is when it becomes easy to remove the lens and it doesn’t even require breaking it.

How has it changed with time?

With so much improvement in medical science, the procedure that is followed to do cataract surgery has also evolved and the surgery happens with the use of smaller incisions. The recovery period has also become quick as compared to the time when it used to take along time to recover from it. However, there are still no medicines to treat or prevent cataract, it is necessary to do surgery.